GBO 2016 – A New Community Booth

Back in the early days of Community (2010-2012) there was a whole lot of tournament vending.  I would pack the Community mobile and sometimes a small trailer with tents, table, and 800+ discs, shirts, etc most weekends and hit tournaments.  New England players were not used to having a vendor onsite so we had a great response and sold a great many discs.  Over time, players for used to seeing us and sales cooled off.  Conveniently, this happened as (which started in late 2011) was picking up soon after vending at AmWorlds in Rochester, NY that summer.  I then became much more selective about the tournaments we vended at (as in 90+ players only).  It was always about selling a lot of discs and not being sure if players knew what and where Community was.

CDG Rack Card

This time it is all about meeting customers & driving new players to

Fast forward to 2016 and we see a that is approaching its 5th anniversary online, is starting to get “known” to the masses, and just launched the best darn rewards program in the industry.  It is time to concentrate on promotion and the word about Community.

Dynamic Discs invited its retailers to attend the Glass Blown Open block party on Saturday evening April 30th.  This was the perfect excuse to pack up the new Community mobile with our brand new Community stamped discs along with tons of Community shirts, towels, minis, pencils, and promo cards with steep discount codes on them.  This time it is all about meeting customers and driving new players to  I hope you will visit me in Emporia, play some games, and go home with some free Community swag.  I will have prize drawings each hour so come on by!


CDG FT Roc-Group-Banner

New Community Flat Top Rocs hit the street on Sat April 30th in Emporia, KS.


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The (Community) Credit You Deserve is introducing its Community Credit rewards program on Friday April, 1st 2016.  Let’s take a look at why this is important and how it affects you, the rabid fan!

I cannot say “thank you” often enough to each of you who are our regular customers.  Whether you are a frequent or occasional customer please know we are not going to rest on simply having the best prices, photos, and customer service in the disc golf world.  It is time to give you another solid reason to keep coming back.

Welcome To Our “Community Credit” Rewards Program:
If we are going to institute a rewards program worth your time then you should…

  • Be rewarded for your loyalty & repeat orders.
  • Not have to wonder if your purchase will “count” towards rewards.
  • Not have to wonder if your rewards can be spent on certain items.

A Year In The Making:
Since April 2015 (a full year ago) you have been earning a percentage of your orders back in store credit.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Your rewards history does not start on launch day (April 1st 2016), it started in April 2015!

Launch Date: April 1st, 2016:
If all goes correctly 😉 every customer who has made a purchase since April 2015 will receive an email this Friday, April 1st stating what reward level you are at and how much credit you already have, just waiting to be spent.  If you do not see that email on Friday please check your Spam/Junk folder before contacting us because we may have a thousand emails about this.

My Account & Credit Balance [Short] -Notated

You have $12.35 in Community Credit

How It Works:
For every dollar you spend, you will receive a % back in store credit.  As you spend more over time you will get bumped up to higher % rewards based on your purchase history over the previous 12 months.  Every purchase earns you credit and you can spend that credit on any product.  Since the percentages are subject to change and you may be reading this blog post years in the future you will have to visit our Rewards page on the site to see our current reward levels.
Checking your Community Credit is simple:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on “My Account”
  3. You will see your balance in the “Store Credit” box (see image).

This order is for $15 minus an automatic $12.35 credit.


Spending your credit is even simpler:

  1. Add your favorite goodies to your cart.
  2. Click the Checkout Button.
  3. You will see the order total minus your available credit (see image).

Your Next Community Credit:
After you place your order you will receive an email letting you know what credit you have earned from this order.  Then on the first of each month you will receive a reminder of your balance and letting you know if you are at the Silver, Gold, or Platinum level.

Communtiy Credit reward level details can be found at this link:
Community Credit Rewards Program Details


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Dude, Where Are Our Discs?

You may have noticed some missing items on today.  Have no fear.  Here’s the deal.

The “warehouse” is moving during November & December 2015.  We have been quietly hiding items from view on the site while they get re-tagged and relocated to the new warehouse.  As of December 2nd, is only displaying items in the new warehouse.  If you notice your favorite disc, shirt, bag, etc is missing from the site please check back soon as relocated products are reappearing constantly.

We look forward to sharing more news in the coming weeks regarding this exciting change and how it will improve your shopping experience.

Did that just sound overly corporate? 😉

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Changes to Vibram Listings

As we all know (or at least you should know!) Vibram discs are little works of art.  Those various colored chunks of rubber that get compression molded into the most durable discs on the market have always demanded our eyes’ attention when at rest and in flight.

Notch-Medium-PageFor many years, the vast majority of Vibram discs have been these multi-colored masterpieces with very few solid colored discs in between.

Now with the advent of the Valley and it’s sibling fairway drivers Vibram is starting to produce a majority of these discs in solid colors.  Solid colors allow us to list each model as one product on rather than listing every disc individually as we have in the past.  This does 3 great things:

  1. Condenses all discs onto one page
  2. Speeds up our restock turnaround
  3. Reviews will now appear

Ibex-Category-PageTeeBird-Champion-Page1. Condenses All Discs Onto One Page:
If Vibram discs are the only discs you have ever viewed on then you are used to scrolling through pages of one model of beautiful rubber discs listed by material (XL-Firm, Granite XL-Medium, XL-Medium, XL-Soft, etc) then by weight, plus a serial# so we can find your disc once you order it 🙂

Every other MFG’s discs have just one product page for each plastic that disc is available in.  An Innova TeeBird (Champion) for example has all of its weight & color options listed right there on its page with a few color examples below the default photo.

By producing discs in solid colors Vibram allows us to list their discs like the rest of the MFG’s discs.  Sure, there are still slight variations within those colors but let’s face it – every other MFG’s colors vary as well.

2. Speeds Up Our Restock Turnaround:
Most non-Vibram discs come in, get weighed, stickered, and added to the website in anywhere from a few hours to a day.  There is a pain-staking process behind individually listing each Vibram disc.  Sadly, this process typically takes a minimum of 2-3 days.  Being able to list solid color Vibrams like the example here means we can get them online and in front of your eyeballs faster than ever.  Of course unique colors & Granite XL-Medium discs will always have their own photos.  Anything that saves us time helps to keep prices down at

star_review3. Reviews Will Now Appear:
You know what’s even better than telling you how great a disc is?  It’s another player telling you how great a disc is!  We’re very happy with the review system we implemented in 2014 and we’re amazed by the response we have received from it.  Sadly, if you review a uniquely colored Vibram disc you purchased your review only appears on that individual “Summit (XL-Medium) 172g (#12345)” disc’s page and not all the Summit pages.  The new listing method will allow all reviews to appear on the disc page.  Hooray!

You can view the Valley, Arch, & Notch in the new listing method right now.

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Discraft Clearance

Discraft Clearance-Double
This month we aim to drop many Discraft models so we can free up space for those monthly new releases.  On a personal level it hurts to make this decision as I have had more Discraft models go through my bag over the years than any other manufacturer’s.  I hope all of these discs will find a good home with you fine folks.

These are just SOME of the fine Discraft items which are now 33% off!

These are just SOME of the fine Discraft items which are now 33% off!

These are not low quality plastics like ProD (which is below standards so we don’t carry it anyway!) or limited to old molds like the XL & Flash, or Ace Race discs that never took off like the Impact & Mantis.  We’ve got lots of ESP, Elite Z, & even Elite Z Glow, & Z-Lite to move out ASAP.  Even newer models like the Heat, Crank, Zombee, & anything we still have in Z-Lite plastic are all on the chopping block.  Discraft Shirts, Bags, & limited tournament & First Run stamped discs are also slashed – 50 Discraft items in all!

We normally like to require 3 or 4 discs be purchased at a time when we have a disc sale but these need to move so there is only a 2-disc minimum ($28 cart value before applying discount) required for this sale.  This puts ESP & Elite Z discs below $10!

Don’t worry.  We’ll restock your Discraft favorites soon.  We just need to clear these out to make some room 🙂

Here’s what you do:
1. Head over to the Clearance section of
2. Add at least $28 of Clearance items to your cart – 2 Elite Z discs will do it!.
3. Enter code 33%Discraft at checkout.
4. Go get yourself a snack as a reward for your savvy web shopping skills!

Here’s a favorite 80’s song to put us in the mood to “Move (these) Out!”

-You must have a $28 minimum cart value for coupon code to apply.
-Limited to United States residents only.
-As with all clearances, all sales are final.
-Ends Sept 31st or when these sell-out – whichever comes first.

Code to enter at checkout: 33%DISCRAFT
Click on the Clearance button for the complete list!

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Free Vibram Valley

There have been many bumps in the Community Discs road this summer getting the Vibram Valley in-house.  It is finally here – (along with XL-Granite discs later this week)!

To celebrate this achievement as well as the release of the Vibram Arch & Vibram Notch we are knocking $1 off of all Vibram Discs and we’ll even give you a Vibram Valley of your choice – Free when you Buy 3 Vibram discs through Sunday night. – EXTENDED THROUGH WED 9/23!Vibram-Valley-Double-500x65

Here’s what you do:
1. Cruise over to the Vibram section of
2. Add any 3 Vibram Discs to your cart -No, Vibram Minis do not count 😉
3. Pick your favorite Valley and check the “Free” box (Price changes to $0.00).
4. Add that Valley to your cart & checkout.
5. Wait a very short time for your new favorite Vibrams to arrive!

Here’s an excellent song you can sing while you wait because, “It’s a great day for a Valley!”

-$1 off all Vibram discs for any order (discount is reflected in cart).
-Free Valley is limited to United States customers only.
-At least 3 Vibram discs must be purchased for free Valley.
-No coupon or discount codes may be combined with this sale.
-If an order does not meet the above requirements we will simply remove the free Valley from the order before shipping.
-Ends @ 11:59PM EST Wed 9/23.

Notch Valley Arch2x1200

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Leading Upto Labor Day Sale

We’re on vacation through Labor Day (September 7th).

We won’t be able to offer the new MVP & Vibram releases until we return but we will have them posted very soon after Labor Day.

Why order while is away?  Because you can save some extra cash!

Discount: 15% off just about everything (see “Exclusions” below)
Discount Code: “Labor15
Minimum Order: $24 minimum cart value required to apply discount
End Date: Friday September 4th is the last day of the sale.
Ship Date: All orders will ship by Wednesday morning (Sept 9th).

Bags by Dynamic Discs & Latitude 64 are excluded as well as all baskets.  The discount code should not work on those items but if it does we reserve the right to credit you for those items and ship the remainder of your order.  Discount available to USA customers only.

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