Vibram Crag Buy Back

The Vibram Crag has arrived!  Get one for yourself from and try it out with virtually no risk!Crag-Close Up-Banner

The idea is simple: Buy a Crag.  Test it out.  Love it and keep it or return it for a full refund (in the form of store credit).  I will even include enough to cover return shipping costs (see below).  That is how confident I am that you will love the Vibram Crag.

It is an overstable midrange, more Roc3-like than the Vibram Obex.  You know how to find out how it really flies?  That’s right.  Grab yourself a Vibram Crag today at

Inbounds Compare

Innova Roc3 / Roc and Vibram Obex / Ibex flight paths supplied by

Rules – Sadly, we must wrap some rules around this so no one is buying a disc with ill intent.  Please read below.

1) Current Customer – You must be an existing & “current” customer.  This means you have placed at least 4 orders with us under the same account, that you place your Crag order using that same account on, and that you have placed at least 1 order since 8/15/2016.  If you are not a current customer just start ordering from us today.  There will be other “Current Customer” promotions in the future!  We are making exceptions for members of the Vibram Disc Golf Collectors Group on Facebook who are 100% eligible for this buy back program so long as they joined it prior to August 30th, 2017.

2) Disc Condition – The idea is that you take your Crag to an open field and let it rip a few times.  Try some different shots.  Compare it to your favorite overstable midranges.  See how it performs.  I’m a reasonable guy.  I want you to try the Crag and I hope you will love it.  I’m not looking to work with people who plan to beat a disc up intentionally and then return it because they think they’ve found some loophole.  Obviously, with a plastic disc you can see the wear on it from even one throw.  Vibram discs are literally made of better stuff and they do not do this so if you are new to Vibram please know you should have nothing to worry about if you are throwing your Crag in a grassy field.  Sure, there will technically be some wear on the disc.  If you are being honest about the testing you have nothing to fear.  If we receive a Crag which has obviously been bashed into hard objects like trees, rocks, pavement, etc it will be treated as damaged and you will receive no more than $4 for your returned Crag.  We reserve the right to not credit you anything at all if we deem the damage to be extreme.

3) Submitting your buy back request – Simply log into, goto your order history and click “View Messages”.  Just type us a message righter there letting me know you would like to send your Crag back and I will get in touch with you within 24hrs.  Please do NOT email directly, call, or send a message via social media.

4) Tags – Any tags the disc ships with must be attached when you return it.  We do not want to risk receiving a Crag you purchased elsewhere.  Avoid a dewy morning and the labels will be a-okay for your entire testing session.  Again, I’m reasonable.  Send me a message if you need an exception or take the labels off first and keep them handy if you do choose to return your Crag.

5) Limits – Buy Back offer is valid for purchases made no later than 9/15/2017 by United States residents with domestic shipping & billing addresses and we must receive your request by 9/31/2017.  This buy back offer is limited to 1 Crag per customer.  You are certainly welcome to buy multiple Crags from us and return any single Crag you like (or do NOT like!) from that order but we will only accept 1.  If you elect to return more than that, then you are essentially donating those extra Crags back to us.

6) Refund Amount – If you follow all of the rules (i.e., act like a decent person) you will receive a store credit in the amount you spent on your Crag.  I will even throw in a $3.50 store credit to cover your shipping expenses.  That is how confident I am that you will love this disc.


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