Where is Community’s June 2017 MVP Pre-Order?

I never know when the monthly MVP release is until 2-3 weeks ahead of time – which IS more notice than may disc golf MFG’s.  They’re announcement system works very well but it would still be great to have know months in advance of upcoming release dates.

Because pre-orders are an extremely personal thing here and I handle them all myself, I plan ALL of my travel carefully, trying to make sure I will be home for an unknown future MVP new release shipment to arrive here on Tues/Wed of any given week so I can process it and hand-off the release day inventory to my shipping guys by Friday.

This time, MVP told me on Thursday about the Tues 6/20 release (less than 2 weeks).  Things happen, schedules change, MVP still makes amazing products.  I just won’t be able to offer a pre-order this month.

I had scheduled a personal trip from this Friday 6/16 to Wednesday 6/21.  MVP cannot ship early enough to get the new products here before I leave on Friday and discs certainly do not have a large enough margin for me to justify overnight shipping.  Since I am returning the day AFTER the release date I had to make other pre-order plans…as in, discontinue the pre-order.  Thank you to those who had already pre-ordered.  You were all extremely understanding.

I do have guys (and a gal!) shipping for me daily but I don’t know if I will ever let someone else pack pre-orders.  That is an extremely personal process and if you have done a number of pre-orders with me I’m sure you understand what I mean.


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