The First Streamline Pre-Order

Remember back in 2012 when MVP’s first driver, the Volt, was being released?  It was to be the first disc in Neutron plastic.  Retailers had neither a release date nor pricing information for Neutron plastic.  There was intense excitement surrounding the Volt and I took a gamble by offering a pre-order anyway…
DiceI had not yet seen a pre-order in disc golf (not that I am claiming to have been first).  I offered the Neutron Volt Pre-Order before I had a release date or even wholesale pricing was announced.  That was crazy to say the least but it went very smoothly & is what put Community Discs & my reputation for customer service on the map.

streamlinewingslogoFast forward to 2017 and we find the inaugural release from MVP’s latest brand, Streamline Discs.  We have the same pent-up anticipation – along with TONS of Pre-Order requests in my inbox!  I now have pricing info but still no release date.  I anticipate a date being announced any day now and I expect the release to be set for either March 31st or April 7th 2017.

If you are dying to get your Streamline money spent.  Community Discs is happy to take your Pre-Order preferences and get you ready for early shipping on release day.

Click for the Community Discs Pre-Order Page.

Click for the Community Discs Pre-Order Page.

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