Return of Facebook Giveaways


I started running giveaway contests on our Facebook Page June 2016.  Everyone seemed to love them and I felt like there were no issues on either side.  Well I’m back with our first giveaway of 2017.  This time it is for a Vibram Valley (XL-Medium).  It was not until after I posted the contest that I realized this is the 2nd time the Vibram Valley is the prize disc.  That’s ok.  Everyone should have a least one Vibram disc 🙂

Just like last year,‘s giveaways are simple.

like-tumb1. Make sure you have already “Liked” our Facebook Page.  Obviously, you need only do this one time ever.

2. Comment on our contest thread.

3. Want a 2nd entry?  Ok, simply click the thread’s “Like” button!

4. When you win you will be asked to pick the exact Vibram Valley (XL-Medium) you would like from the website.

Keeping It Simple – Always!

Close-Up_Valley-Red -EDIT_TRANS_1000px.pngIt really is just THAT simple.  There was one contest where I asked you to complete a quick survey but other than that, it will always be a simple process to enter.  I will never ask you to spam your friends or tag us in posts.  Just comment on the contest thread and you’re good to go.

Don’t worry if you missed this week’s contest.  A new contest will be posted on Monday or Tuesday at least every-other week.

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