Streamline Discs – Soon to Take Flight


Here comes the next big disc maker in town.  MVP Disc Sports is proudly unveiling another sub brand like Axiom Discs.  This one is named Streamline Discs.

What is the same?

streamlinewingslogoclearSuperior manufacturing – Never forget that unlike most disc companies which had disc golf expertise first, manufacturing expertise second, MVP grew out of an established injection molding company so quality and consistency is a non-issue.

Plastic Names
Streamline Discs will feature plastics such as Neutron, Electron, Proton, & Plasma (2018).  I am a (YUGE!) fan of MVP keeping plastic names the same across their brands unlike Innova/Discmania, Latitude 64/Westside/Dynamic, and other brands whose sibling brands all share plastics but each has its own plastic name.  Honestly, if Dynamic started making discs in their own factory, would they really keep the Lucid, Fuzion, Classic names?


What is Different?

streamlinewingslogoSingle-Piece Construction – Unlike MVP and Axiom‘s famed overmolding Streamline Discs will only feature single-plastic discs…You know, like virtually every other company.

Lower Prices – MVP is boasting that not only can they produce higher quality single-piece discs than the competition but that they can deliver these at a lower cost than the competition as well.

trace-protonwings-pinktrace-neutronwings-lightblueFirst Run Stamps – It appears that unlike Axiom & MVP (since the Axis anyway) Streamline Discs will have First Run stamps for their discs.  This has not been confirmed for all future Streamline models but I do have stock retail images for the First Run Trace in both Neutron and Proton plastics.

The Future

It will be interesting to see how Streamline Discs does.  Will many MVP fans become Streamline Discs fans?  Will skeptics of overmolded discs give Streamline Discs a try after skipping MVP & Axiom?  Does a lower price matter?

streamlinebadgelogoDoes a Lower Price Matter? – In my experience, players do want the best price possible for their discs but eventhough someone may hunt down a deal to find a $16 disc for $15 online I do not see customers shying away from Trilogy Gold Line discs or Vibram Disc Golf‘s X-Link in favor of a less expensive alternative such as Innova‘s Star plastic.  I find that players who want “Disc X” will buy that disc.  It is only a question of where to purchase.  I do not think Innova fans (for example) are going to jump ship to Streamline Discs for similar-to-Innova models that may be a couple dollars less expensive.

What’s Up First?
pilot-electronm-redI can only confirm what says “Coming Soon” on the MVP order form so it looks like the first Streamline Discs offerings will be the Trace (Speed 11 Driver) in Neutron and the Pilot (Speed 2 Putter) in both Electron Medium and Electron Soft.  The Streamline Discs website says the Trace will also be available in Proton but I have not seen that on an order form yet.  Plasma plastic will not be produced before 2018.

When Will Streamline Discs Arrive?
If this launch is anything like Axiom Discs it will be with the next round of MVP/Axiom releases which will be in late March or early April 2017.

Get more information on Streamline Discs on our page including company information, upcoming releases, and pre-orders.


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