The End of Our $1.00 Shipping :(

Shopping online can be super-annoying.  You think a website has great prices so you add items to your cart and start the checkout process.  You enter your address and your credit card information.  You get to the final confirmation step and BAM!!!  You’re hit with a huge shipping fee.  You yell at the website something like, “Had I known the shipping fee I wouldn’t have added this to my cart in the first place!”

free-shipping-banner-stands -EDIT (CDG Orange Green Lines)I have always felt online shopping should be simple, quick, and…SIMPLE!  Every site should offer simple-to-understand shipping rates.  The customer should never be uncertain as to what their shipping fee will be when they checkout.  “Flat Rate or Free!” I always say.  Why isn’t every web store like that?

When I started in 2011 I figured a $1.00 shipping fee (Domestic USA only) would be enough to get most folks who order one disc at a time to consider adding a second one to their order but not so punishing that folks who only order 1 or 2 discs at a time would leave and never return.


Save yer Ones ’cause ya ain’t gonna need ’em here no mo!

Over the following 5 years we have received countless emails and customer order notes thanking us for making it so easy to buy discs online with $1 shipping – and receive them very quickly of course!

We have done a lot to minimize our costs and re-evaluate processes here in 2016.  As a result –  Free Shipping on all domestic orders is here to stay at  Just think of all those $1 bills soon to be overflowing from your wallet!

Please Click Here to see our current shipping information page.


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