New Weekly Facebook Contests

In my quest to introduce something new to each month this season it is time to run some Facebook contests!  I’m sure you have seen manufacturers run Facebook contests.  Usually, those they feature a flashy photo of a disc with a caption like “Win This Disc” and hopefully that disc is a color and weight you would actually throw.  A free disc is always fun but I think I can Community-this-up and make it better.

“Community-This-Up” …What?
Just about everything I plan for follows the classic golden rule in that I put myself in your (the customer’s) place.  I make sure that things are very clear (like shipping costs) and very simple (like a single-click to select your favorite color/weight disc).  Speaking of exact color & weight, why not let the contest winners pick their favorite discs?  Yes, let’s Community-This-Up!

facebook-contest-ideas-facebook-giveaway-ideas -EDIT

What you will have to do:

  1. Please see each contest’s post for clear a entry period and drawing time.
  2. “Like” the page.  Hopefully you’ve already done so and obviously you’ll only need to do this once.
  3. Post a comment on the contest thread.
  4. Down the road I might ask contest entrants to write a funny caption for a photo or something like that but I promise any such “requirement” to be fun and not take a ton of your time.

What you will NOT have to do:

  1. Spam your friends by having to repost or share the contest thread.
  2. Tag #CommunityDiscs in your own social media posts.
  3. Jump through any other hoops.

How is the winner selected?

If the contest is simply asking you to like/post on the contest thread then I will plug the total # of entrants into’s number generator and the result will determine the winner.  If 50 people enter the contest I will enter 1-50 into the generator.  If the number generated is 13 then the 13th entrant will win.  Then, that winner will be announced on the contest thread.  I will make sure to use their Facebook name so they will get an alert.

I won!  Now what do I do?
Congratulations!  You will be given instructions on a special way of ordering the contest item on 100% free.  It will be shipped to your door like any other order – quickly!  It will go much more smoothly if the winner clicks through the order process rather than messaging us with their choice which will cause problems if the contest item is a disc and the winner mistypes the weight they want or does not look at the stock and just sends an ideal weight/color which means we will either have to guess or ask the winner for another suggestion.  We want these contests to be quick and then get the item out the door, not turn it into a correspondence course 🙂

Work in Progress:
The contests will certainly evolve but this is where we are starting from on June 6th 2016.  If anything is determined to be unclear or unfair I will simply scrap the contest and try again, correcting the issue.  I hope you will enjoy them and win often!

CDG FT Roc-Group-Banner

You could win a Flat Top Roc in our first Facebook Contest on June 6th, 2016

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