The (Community) Credit You Deserve is introducing its Community Credit rewards program on Friday April, 1st 2016.  Let’s take a look at why this is important and how it affects you, the rabid fan!

I cannot say “thank you” often enough to each of you who are our regular customers.  Whether you are a frequent or occasional customer please know we are not going to rest on simply having the best prices, photos, and customer service in the disc golf world.  It is time to give you another solid reason to keep coming back.

Welcome To Our “Community Credit” Rewards Program:
If we are going to institute a rewards program worth your time then you should…

  • Be rewarded for your loyalty & repeat orders.
  • Not have to wonder if your purchase will “count” towards rewards.
  • Not have to wonder if your rewards can be spent on certain items.

A Year In The Making:
Since April 2015 (a full year ago) you have been earning a percentage of your orders back in store credit.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Your rewards history does not start on launch day (April 1st 2016), it started in April 2015!

Launch Date: April 1st, 2016:
If all goes correctly 😉 every customer who has made a purchase since April 2015 will receive an email this Friday, April 1st stating what reward level you are at and how much credit you already have, just waiting to be spent.  If you do not see that email on Friday please check your Spam/Junk folder before contacting us because we may have a thousand emails about this.

My Account & Credit Balance [Short] -Notated

You have $12.35 in Community Credit

How It Works:
For every dollar you spend, you will receive a % back in store credit.  As you spend more over time you will get bumped up to higher % rewards based on your purchase history over the previous 12 months.  Every purchase earns you credit and you can spend that credit on any product.  Since the percentages are subject to change and you may be reading this blog post years in the future you will have to visit our Rewards page on the site to see our current reward levels.
Checking your Community Credit is simple:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on “My Account”
  3. You will see your balance in the “Store Credit” box (see image).

This order is for $15 minus an automatic $12.35 credit.


Spending your credit is even simpler:

  1. Add your favorite goodies to your cart.
  2. Click the Checkout Button.
  3. You will see the order total minus your available credit (see image).

Your Next Community Credit:
After you place your order you will receive an email letting you know what credit you have earned from this order.  Then on the first of each month you will receive a reminder of your balance and letting you know if you are at the Silver, Gold, or Platinum level.

Communtiy Credit reward level details can be found at this link:
Community Credit Rewards Program Details


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