Discraft Clearance

Discraft Clearance-Double
This month we aim to drop many Discraft models so we can free up space for those monthly new releases.  On a personal level it hurts to make this decision as I have had more Discraft models go through my bag over the years than any other manufacturer’s.  I hope all of these discs will find a good home with you fine folks.

These are just SOME of the fine Discraft items which are now 33% off!

These are just SOME of the fine Discraft items which are now 33% off!

These are not low quality plastics like ProD (which is below CommunityDiscs.com standards so we don’t carry it anyway!) or limited to old molds like the XL & Flash, or Ace Race discs that never took off like the Impact & Mantis.  We’ve got lots of ESP, Elite Z, & even Elite Z Glow, & Z-Lite to move out ASAP.  Even newer models like the Heat, Crank, Zombee, & anything we still have in Z-Lite plastic are all on the chopping block.  Discraft Shirts, Bags, & limited tournament & First Run stamped discs are also slashed – 50 Discraft items in all!

We normally like to require 3 or 4 discs be purchased at a time when we have a disc sale but these need to move so there is only a 2-disc minimum ($28 cart value before applying discount) required for this sale.  This puts ESP & Elite Z discs below $10!

Don’t worry.  We’ll restock your Discraft favorites soon.  We just need to clear these out to make some room 🙂

Here’s what you do:
1. Head over to the Clearance section of CommunityDiscs.com.
2. Add at least $28 of Clearance items to your cart – 2 Elite Z discs will do it!.
3. Enter code 33%Discraft at checkout.
4. Go get yourself a snack as a reward for your savvy web shopping skills!

Here’s a favorite 80’s song to put us in the mood to “Move (these) Out!”

-You must have a $28 minimum cart value for coupon code to apply.
-Limited to United States residents only.
-As with all clearances, all sales are final.
-Ends Sept 31st or when these sell-out – whichever comes first.

Code to enter at checkout: 33%DISCRAFT
Click on the Clearance button for the complete list!

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