Free Vibram Valley

There have been many bumps in the Community Discs road this summer getting the Vibram Valley in-house.  It is finally here – (along with XL-Granite discs later this week)!

To celebrate this achievement as well as the release of the Vibram Arch & Vibram Notch we are knocking $1 off of all Vibram Discs and we’ll even give you a Vibram Valley of your choice – Free when you Buy 3 Vibram discs through Sunday night. – EXTENDED THROUGH WED 9/23!Vibram-Valley-Double-500x65

Here’s what you do:
1. Cruise over to the Vibram section of
2. Add any 3 Vibram Discs to your cart -No, Vibram Minis do not count 😉
3. Pick your favorite Valley and check the “Free” box (Price changes to $0.00).
4. Add that Valley to your cart & checkout.
5. Wait a very short time for your new favorite Vibrams to arrive!

Here’s an excellent song you can sing while you wait because, “It’s a great day for a Valley!”

-$1 off all Vibram discs for any order (discount is reflected in cart).
-Free Valley is limited to United States customers only.
-At least 3 Vibram discs must be purchased for free Valley.
-No coupon or discount codes may be combined with this sale.
-If an order does not meet the above requirements we will simply remove the free Valley from the order before shipping.
-Ends @ 11:59PM EST Wed 9/23.

Notch Valley Arch2x1200

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