My Nephew’s First Round

I recently took my 10yr old nephew out for his first round of disc golf.  Ok, I admit my father took him to one of the Boston Harbor Islands 2yrs ago and played disc golf but that was one basket in a field with various tees.  Let’s not call that a course!

I’m not sure which one of us was more excited to play disc golf together for the first time.  I brought so many beginner-type discs that I had forgotten most of my own.  He chose a 150g Innova Leopard.  Excellent choice!  Once he saw how a putter is also a good idea to use he gravitated towards my MVP Anode.  Hey, that’s MY Anode!  Oh well, I guess I’ll need to grab myself another one 🙂


Our biggest challenge was keeping our eyes open during this selfie in blinding sunlight 😀

We started at a newer course, Gordon Conwell, in Hamilton, MA.  It is a very open course with DB-5 baskets, some elevation changes, and barely any trees.  It was a great first course for him since he wouldn’t have to worry about hitting trees constantly.  I’m sure I commented 100 times about keeping his disc down but he didn’t get annoyed.  I need to just let him have fun with it.  It’s a learning process for both of us!  The back-to-back +400′ & +500′ holes nearly killed him but we took some breaks and ending on a fun downhill which kept him motivated to hit a second 9 hole course.

Then we headed to another newer course, Scouting Woods, in Peabody, MA.  What a treat that was.  Lots of shorter holes with very reasonable wooded fairways leading to Innova DISCatchers.  I believe the 9th basket was the only one you could not see from the tee.  We had a great time on this course.  Somehow I lost my oldest Discraft Meteor on hole 8 but we still had a blast.  It was great watching him get comfortable with his discs and figure out how to navigate his way to each basket.

On the way home he hinted at getting discs and a bag for Xmas and I hinted he might get them sooner if we start playing together regularly.  I admit he may have just been psyched about disc golf as an excuse to hang out with his favorite uncle but I certainly hope we’ll get to play a lot of rounds together in the near and distant future.

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