One More Way Vibram Is Great to Their Players & Retailers

I believe it has become an annual tradition for Vibram to offer a freebie to customers who buy at least 3 Vibram discs during the holiday season.  (In 2014 that meant Nov 13th-Dec 31st.)  Before we get into that freebie let’s take a minute to think about how this benefits everyone involved.

The process is simple:

  1. Buy 3 Vibram discs from any Vibram retailer.
  2. Submit a copy of your receipt on Vibram’s offer page.
  3. Await your cool free gift of the Lugs game AND a Vibram patch.
    Note: This Vibram patch is not a retail item.  This is the only way to get it!

This is great for:

  1. The player gets a free gift (in addition to the 3 excellent discs they purchased!)
  2. Vibram gets your info (not a bad thing, they send great emails & not very often)
  3. Retailers should get some extra business from Vibram’s promotion.
    Note: This Vibram patch is not a retail item.  This is the only way to get it!

Q – So What’s The 2014 Promotion?
A – A free Lugs game!


Lugs RulesLugs is a simple concept and is much more fun than a text description makes it sound – just like disc golf itself!

You don’t really win the game of Lugs.  It just helps (or hinders!) you in that pursuit.  You still have to win the round of disc golf.

Each player gets their own colored Lug.  When arriving at each teepad everyone roles their Lug.  If yours lands Vibram side up (landing ON the teepad is required!) you get a mulligan.

Sounds simple right?  Just a small complication here.  You only win a mulligan on odd numbered holes.  If you land Vibram side up on an even numbered hole then you give a gilligan.  Just for clarification, a gilligan means you can make an opponent re-throw a shot so get ready to yank back their great drive or long putt on that hole 🙂

Try it out.  Have fun.  Let Community & Vibram know how it goes.  We hope to see Lugs and the Vibram patch as regular retail items someday.

Visit to get great Vibram discs and goto the address below to get your free Lugs game (must purchase by December, 31st 2014).

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