How Do Community Shipments Arrive So Quickly?

A lot of folks are pleasantly surprised by how swiftly their orders arrive so I thought I would outline some things that might be different here at vs some other shops.  This is not to say that we do everything better or anything different than all the other shops out there.  It might simply be a combination of location and keeping orders to a level we can handle each day.  It should be a very rare occasion you do not see your order marked as shipped first thing in the morning.

Shipping Cost (Flat Rate):
I am a big believer that shipping cost should never be a mystery when shopping online.  You should never have to put items in your cart and start the checkout process to estimate shipping costs and then have to do that again if you add additional items (ie weight).  We offer $1 shipping (at the time of this post) for domestic USA shipments ($6 to Canada & $15 to all other countries).  Perhaps one day we will be forced to raise our disc prices and at that time we may switch to free shipping but I prefer the $1 to possibly nudge you into buying more than one disc at a time 😉

Timing (When We Ship):
All orders are gathered up in the wee hours of the morning and shipped between 8-8:30am.  We do this 6 days a week.  Yes, this includes Saturday.  There are certainly rare cases when shipping does not happen on a particular day for whatever reason but 95% of the time 100% of orders received by 5am Eastern time go out that morning.

Shipping Method:
Everything is done through the US Postal Service (USPS).  There happens to be a post office extremely close by so this is also our most convenient option.  We use First Class (3-5 day for 1-2 discs) & Priority Mail (2-3 day).  There are extremely rare occasions where we may use Standard Mail (7-10 days formerly “Parcel Post”) but that is generally only for large tournament bags going to the west coast.  I have seen other shops use Standard/Parcel Post anytime they can get away with it but generally it’s not worth it to us to save $1.50 on shipping a bag but make a customer wait an extra week for delivery.

Location (Location, Location):
USPS has a hub and spoke design.  When you mail something from a rural post office it does not go directly to the recipient.  It has to goto a larger mail hub (sometimes 2) before getting into the major mail stream that moves between major cities.  Then it goes back to smaller hubs as it gets to its recipient.  Community ships from an urban location very close to Boston, MA.  Our local post office also has 3 pick-ups each day which go directly to the massive facility in Boston.  This allows your Community order to be out of state by the evening.  There is also a plane that goes from Boston to southern California so we often see those orders received in just 2 days, even First Class shipments.  Lots of other shops have a rural location (such as those at private courses).  When this is the case their local post office may only have one pick-up each day so depending on when the shop ships your order it may miss that pick-up and take an additional day to reach the regional hub.  Look up the town a shop is located in.  Do you see a major city near by?  If not, watch-out!

Shipping costs should be easily predictable – Flat Rate Shipping
Shipping should be frequent & predictable – 8AM Each Morning
Shipping should be speedy – Out of New England by Evening
Shipping should be effective – 99% USPS Priority & First Class

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