Prodigy’s “Par 2” Event Series


Discraft had a lock on the direct-to-player marketing events with their “Ace Race” for many years.  Then Vibram started their “Birdie Bash” and the Trilogy companies (Latitude 64, Westside, & Dynamic Discs) introduced the “Trilogy Challenge” in 2014.

Prodigy announced their “Par 2” series last week (Nov, 25th 2014).  I spoke with Shaun Demeter at Prodigy that afternoon to gather more details to share with you fine members of our Community.

Prodigy is very excited to offer these events for a yet-undetermined limited time.  I was assured events should be able to be registered at least through February or March 2015.  That information is not included on the Prodigy Par2 page.  Also, the discs are the current model putters PA1 (overstable) & PA4 (understable) but offered with an exclusive “Par2” stamp and in 750 Series plastic which they are not normally available in.  If you have not touched the 750 plastic you should know that this a premium quality hard plastic which just might be the most durable plastic on the market today.

par2-kitPlayer Pack Includes:

  • Adjustable Structured Hat
  • Vinyl Prodigy Sticker
  • Choice of 750 Series PA1 or PA4

TD Cost: $15 – Player Cost: $20

Something new (compared to the events mentioned at the start of this article) is that Prodigy is recommending just 9-15 holes at 150′ or less be used for the round.  This is a great reason to host an event at a shorter 9 or 12 hole course which we see under-utilized (for tournaments) in many areas.  Also, this makes for a potentially shorter day if the event is just one round rather than the typical two round format so a TD might just nab a few more casual players for that reason.

Shaun wants to make sure TD’s understand they are free to adapt the event to suit their players’ or course’s needs.  Charging a bit more for a 2nd round, selling mulligans, etc are all certainly welcome.  Whatever helps a TD draw more players is greatly welcomed.  Prodigy is also giving $2/player pack ordered in credit towards TD purchases of stock Prodigy items so if you plan to be a TD you can order a few items from Prodigy to use as prizes.

The goals are simple – draw in competitive players as usual but hopefully draw all those casual players who enjoy the game but are not on the tournament scene. I’m giving Prodigy Disc a big thumbs up for creating an event that can easily help expand our disc golf Community!

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