Why Community Won’t Be Carrying Many of MVP’s Latest Releases…at First

In the Beginning:
Community has been a big proponent of MVP from day 1.  Day 1 was the New England Deaf Disc Golf Championship in Oct 2010 at The Woods at Beauty Hill (Barnstead, NH).  In the shop we had Discraft, Innova, and this crazy two-tone putter called the Ion.  I’m not sure exactly why I ordered the Ion.  I had heard a ton of good things about it online but I wasn’t looking to buy one for myself.  Maybe I just wanted us to start with something new & different or perhaps cosmic forces were at work and this was simply meant to be.  Regardless of why it happened, Community started its relationship with MVP right at the start and both have grown at a phenomenal pace ever since.

Over the past 4 years I have prided Community on having one of the best MVP (and now Axiom) selections and prices anywhere.  To offer a great selection (of any product) a retailer needs to be able to meet a product’s demand at the initial launch as well as be able to restock the product before selection gets too low.  In the case of discs, the customer should always find a color & weight they like but ideally, a combination they will love and not just one combination either 🙂  Community has added each new MVP/Axiom product without hesitation – until now.

The Problem:
Throughout 2014 MVP/Axiom has been releasing 4-6 new products each month including 1 or 2 limited edition items.  (Most of the major manufacturers have followed this same plan this year.)  Virtually every new MVP/Axiom disc was a home run in both performance on the course as well as sales on the site.  Wonderful!

Thursday morning Nov 12th MVP announced 18 new products for release on Black Friday (Nov, 28th)  …That is correct, 18 –  5 MVP Dri-Fit Shirts, 1 MVP Polo, 2 Axiom Dry-Fits, 6 existing MVP drivers with mini Orbit logo stamps, Neutron Ions with old style Orbit stamp, Neutron Axiom Theory with limited Skullboy stamp, & a new prototype MVP putter available in “Electron plastic” – a firm & a soft version.

Wow, that is a whole lot of cash up front for a shop to stock these new products.  No problem here at Community.  I know they’ll sell very well.  Duh, it’s MVP!

Oh wait, did they say each Dri-Fit shirt is available in 10 colors?  Oh no, we cannot specify colors when ordering?  Ok, let’s do some math for those 7 Dri-Fits.  A shop should have 2 or 3 of a specific product option it wants to maintain stock for and that is at an absolute minimum.  I’m sure that is no surprise for anyone to read.  These shirts are available in 5 sizes (Small-XXL ).  So now we’re talking 7 shirts * 4 sizes * 10 colors * 3(?) of each option.  Let’s pretend the cost of those shirts (incl shipping from MVP) is $10 (I picked $10 purely to simplify the math.)  That means we are starting out at 840 shirts for $8,400.  Obviously that will occupy a great deal of space and a great deal of cash.  Just the shirts alone are about 4 times what we spend on a regular monthly MVP/Axiom release – and we haven’t even started to talk about the new November discs yet – or the great MVP Polo for that matter!

Maintaining A Great Selection:
Being the proud MVP supplier Community is I cannot allow the site to look like a mess by having each of those 7 shirts available in limited colors in each size and knowing that when restocking I cannot guarantee any missing colors will be replenished.  Being able to specify colors (as retailers can with Dynamic Discs & Innova) is key so big retailers can offer all colors across all sizes and smaller retailers can offer a few colors across all sizes they elect to offer.   Maybe just Black, Blue, & Red in M-XL for example.  18-27 shirts would provide 2-3 of each size & color option for well under $300.  Who can’t afford that?

I hope MVP will change how retailers can order shirts because I would absolutely love to see these shirts featured on CommunnityDiscs.com.  It appears they have hoodies, hats, & beanies coming soon.  I certainly hope we are not looking at multiple sizes and 10 colors for each of those.  I would hate to be unable to carry them in addition to the dri-fit shirts.  The shirts are awesome by the way.  Even if I wanted Community to carry a limited selection I would not be able to easily cut the “least cool” shirt because they’re all great.  You should buy one.  Seriously.  I hear they come in every color 😉

Mini Orbit Logo MVP Drivers:
We may add some of the MVP drivers with mini Orbit logo but only to plug any existing holes in the the stock stamp inventory.  I just do not see the value in a standard disc with an alternate non-exciting stamp.

MVP Prototype Mold (Electron Formula):
Limited to 10/retailer.  As an A-Tier retailer Community can order upto 25 of the firm and 25 of the soft Electron Formula.  Though I hate to see this premium durable plastic-focused manufacturer entertain the idea of producing a less-durable plastic Community will certainly offer these two discs initially.  We will have to make a decision about them if these go into full production.  As for release day I need to do some thinking about how to make these available for everyone.  There will probably be a limit of 1/plastic type for each customer – so you would be able to order 1 of each Electron formulation.

MVP Orbit Logo Collared Polo:
The MVP polo is a black-only (w/white trim) top notch moisture-wicking high performance polo.  Community is offering these via pre-order and will maintain a solid stock in all sizes post retail release as well.

Axiom Theory Skullboy Artist Series:
A limited edition stamp on an Axiom disc is by no means a rare occurrence.  1,000 produced and limits are 25/retailer but Community and other A-Tier retailers can opt for upto 60.  Of course Community ordered all 60 🙂

Which products you will find on CommunityDiscs.com & when:

Pre-Order & Release Day Availability:
Axiom Theory Skullboy Arist Series
MVP Ion (Neutron) – [Throwback Ion Orbit Stamp]
MVP Orbit Logo Collared Polo

Release Day Availability – No Pre-Order:
MVP Prototype Mold (Electron Formula 1)
MVP Prototype Mold (Electron Formula 2)

Possible Post-Release Date Availability:
MVP Impulse (Neutron) – Mini Orbit Stamp
MVP Inertia (Neutron) – Mini Orbit Stamp
MVP Inertia (Proton) – Mini Orbit Stamp
MVP Motion (Neutron) – Mini Orbit Stamp
MVP Tesla (Neutron) – Mini Orbit Stamp
MVP Tesla (Proton) – Mini Orbit Stamp

No Current Plan to Stock These Products:
Axiom Dri-Fit Shirt – Diamond
Axiom Dri-Fit Shirt – Side Bar
MVP Dri-Fit Shirt – Throw GYRO
MVP Dri-Fit Shirt – Techno Target
MVP Dri-Fit Shirt – Chain Logo
MVP Dri-Fit Shirt – Bar and Graph
MVP Dri-Fit Shirt – Ion Orbit

I can scarcely describe the utter turmoil this situation has caused me today.  I hate to accept that I am unable to find an intersection of giving Community’s full support to both MVP & our customers so Community will only offer those products I know we can keep a solid selection of.  I do hope this might change.


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4 Responses to Why Community Won’t Be Carrying Many of MVP’s Latest Releases…at First

  1. mike says:

    With all the new brands and molds and stamps it is unreasonable to expect any retail location to stock everything from everyone – your customer service and stock are amazing – appreciate the explanation so people are aware but just keep doing what your doing and stocking what is feesable need to be able to keep ordering and I cant do that if you bog yourself down with 500 dri fit shirts!

  2. Pete Smith says:

    Makes perfect sense to me. Keep up the good work!

  3. Michael phillips says:

    Why don’t you initially do group buys on apparel with many different sizes and color. Advertise close order date and what the minimum quantity is for a group order. Then place the specific order with MVP. Charge a little more for each and use that to stock most popular items and sizes. I think people will understand. Its how R.E.I. got started as a co_op back in the day.

  4. Bryan says:

    Good call Justin. The discs are the important thing anyway, and if MVP wants their loyal fans to wear their shirts on the course they’ll have to find a better way to do things. Thanks as always for striking a common sense balance.

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